Sunday, 3 November 2013

Music Core Showreel: K.Will Wins on the November 2, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

MBC's Music Core is back this week which featured performances from your favorite artists. Hosts for the night were Shinee's Minho, Kim So Hyun, and Noh Hong Chul!!

For this episode, Trouble Maker made their comeback with "Now", A-JAX were back with "Snake", U-KISS returned with "She's Mine", Baek Seung Heon with "Wait a Minute", M.Pire came back with "KkaTtak KkaTtak", N-Sonic with "Run & Run", and TINT made their debut last night for "Love at First Sight."

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Nominees for the night were K.Will, Shinee, and Park Ji Yoon. New winner for the night was K.Will with "You Don't Know Love." Congratulations K.Will!!

With that being said, here is the recap from last night.

Performance Recap

Trouble Maker are "Now" back! Sexy HyunA and BEAST Hyunseung made their return last night and they did not disappoint. With their introduction which was almost like a movie crime, the audience was entertained. Crowd screamed and loved their performance. The stage was good by having a dangerous feeling by the setting taking place in the ghetto streets where crime is common. Welcome back Trouble Maker's!

Shinee are saying "Everybody" to the audience as they once again brought energy as well as charisma on-stage. With their great fashion wardrobe for the night, the audience was entertained and screamed throughout their performance. Great job guys as well as camera focus on each of the members!

IU came out beautiful with her short hair for "The Red Shoes." This was her goodbye stage and the crowd truly loved her return. The crowd screamed as well as fan chanted. Stage was set perfect as well as colorful. We wish IU good luck and thank you for bringing fun on-stage. Your fans will miss you as well as your performance. Great job IU!!

TINT has found "Love At First Sight" as they made their hot comeback debut last night. The crowd loved their performance and were entertained by screaming. The wardrobe that they wore was so colorful. They are so good singing as well as performing live! Welcome back ladies!!!

T-ara came out ready to dance again for their song "Number 9." Jiyeon looks like her knee is fully recovered; so great job on healing. The rest of the ladies performed awesome as well which the crowd fan chanted and really loved their performance.

K.Will are saying to the males "You Don't Know Love" as he explained that love takes experience and that you need to date in order to understand love. With his great voice, the females fan chanted and really loved his performance. Great job K.Will!

Do you see a "Snake?" If you do, the guys will tell you to run because it is a beautiful snake that will poison you. A-JAX made their return last night and the crowd was entertained with their performance by the stage setting being a jungle which the guys wore wardrobes set for the setting. The crowd was screaming all through their performance. Great return!

U-KISS are saying to the males "She's Mine." With they great choreography and all, the crowd enjoyed their return as well as screamed and fan chanted. Great return last night guys!


Trouble Maker

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Videos That Were Not Uploaded or Removed

Other performances for the night were Topp Dogg, N-Sonic, Kahi, 2EYES, BESTie, Baek Seung Heon, AOA, Tae One, Nine Muses, M.Pire, and Park Ji Yoon which all kept the crowd entertained.

Great job to all the performers last night!!

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