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Joo-won and Kim Ah-joong’s new rom-com Catch Me

Sometimes I wonder if Joo-won cloned himself, because he's in so many things that I often don't know when he could've possibly filmed half of his projects. I had nearly forgotten about this one, a cops-and-robbers romantic comedy movie called Catch Me (previously called Only You), co-starring Kim Ah-joong (My P.S. Partner). The production released the first batch of stills, and it looks like light and fun romance with cop hijinks… which okay, is sort of like that one drama that shall not be named, but you know, better!

Joo-won stars as a detective, which is pretty familiar territory for him. His character specializes in profiling, and he takes on a case involving an infamous cat burglar. Kim Ah-joong plays his ex-girlfriend, and their sweet first love romance runs the whole gamut of embarrassing couple t-shirts and promises of forever made at Namsan Tower. Only… when they reunite much later, she's the cat burglar he's trying to catch. How much he knows about her and vice versa when they meet again, I don't know. But that, I'd wager, is the fun.

Joo-won said in an interview about working with his co-star: "I learned a lot working with rom-com queen Ah-joong noona, and we had fun filming. Noona gave me lots of help, and we looked out for one another during the shoot." Kim Ah-joong: "Joo-won-sshi has mature sides too, and he's so tall that when I'm standing next to him, he feels like an oppa. We relied on each other without having to say the words, and I think we fit well together."

Catch Me is gearing up for a December premiere.

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“2013 Melon Awards” Announces Its Top 10 Artist and Other Award Nominees

The top 10 most popular K-pop artist of 2013 have been revealed. 

On October 29, Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media revealed the “2013 Melon Music Award Top 10.” The top 10 artists are: EXO, G-Dragon, SHINee, Beast, Sistar, IU, Ailee, Dynamic Duo, Davichi, and Busker Busker

These talented artists were chosen the results of 20% online voting and 80% music chart numbers. The first round received over 1.74 million online votes. All ten artists will move on to the second round of online voting that will take place until November 13. 

The other awards and their nominees:

Best Album: EXO’s “XOXO,” G-Dragon’s “Coup D-Etat,” SHINee’s “Dream Girl,” IU’s “Modern Times,” Busker Busker’s “2nd Album,” Cho Yong Pil’sHello,” Huh Gak‘s “Little Giant,” Lee Hyori‘s “Monochrome,” and Dynamic Duo’s “Lucky Number

Best New Artist: Lim Kim, Roy Kim, BTS, History, and Ladies Code

Best Global Artist: 2NE1, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior-M, and PSY

Hot Trend Award: Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar,” PSY’s Gentleman,” Hyungdon & Daejun‘s “Hemansahang,” Rose Motel‘s “Long Time Lover,” and UV‘s “Because of You“ 

For a complete list of awards and nominees, check out the “2013 Melon Awards” website. The winners will be announced during the broadcast of “2013 Melon Awards” on November 14. the show will be streamed live on YouTube and MBC Music. 



[News] IU, Jang Geun Suk and more attend script reading session and prayer ceremony for ‘Pretty Boy’

IU, Jang Geun Suk and more attend script reading session and prayer ceremony for ‘Pretty Boy’

[News] IU, Jang Geun Suk and more attend script reading session and prayer ceremony for ‘Pretty Boy’

IU, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Jang Woo, Han Chae Young and more attended the first script reading and prayer ceremony for upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Pretty Boy’.

The prayer ceremony for the drama was held on October 28 at a coffee shop in Gangnam to wish a good luck for the drama. On this day, the lead cast members along screenwriter Yoo Young A, director Jung Jung Hwa and 80 other staff members were in attendance.

Jang Geun Suk shared, “I waited for this drama for eight months. I will do my best until the last day of filming to pay up my awaitment.”

‘Pretty Boy’ revolves around loner Dokgo Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk), the prettiest boy in the world who wants to gain money and power by using his beauty. IU will play Kim Bo Tong, the daughter of Dokgo Ma Te’s mother’s friend, an ordinary girl who goes all the way to make Dokgo Ma Te like her.

The drama will premiere on November 20th.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of November 4 -November 10)

Girls Generation Beats Miley Cyrus at the YouTube Music Awards

Take that Miley, Girls Generation beats you at the YouTube Music Awards for "video of the year." CNN wrote an article about the ladies and how they won for their music video, "I Got a Boy." American people were speechless once they found out that a K-Pop group won over Miley. Congrats Girls' Generation!

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In Touch Explains Who Girls' Generation Are

Girls' Generation are getting numerous attention duo to their win at the YouTube Music Awards for their song, "I Got A Boy" being video of the year. In Touch Weekly explained about five things that the American people should know about them. This is definitely giving the ladies more fame as well as attention here in the United States.

Why Girls' Generation Won at the YouTube Music Awards

So the Wall Street Journal had an article on the reason why Girls' Generation won at the YouTube Music Awards for video of the year by beating Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and a few others. The reason is because of candy colored scenery and had a electric mashup. Also, it was their devoted fans as well. Looks like South Korean music will keep on dominating in the US if the music does not improve. Great job though ladies and congrats once again!

Amber and Her Boyish Appearance

LAWeekly had an article regarding about f(x) Amber Liu regarding about her boyish appearance compared to Sulli, Luna, Krystal, and Victoria. Amber truly stands out from the other three in her group regarding about how she dresses. Amber does not plan on dressing up feminine and would rather dress the way she does currently.

K-Pop is Still Making its Mark

Morning Journal had an article regarding about how after one year due to Psy's promotion in the United States, K-Pop is still making its mark in the US. The United States had Girls' Generation and Psy last year and it has impacted everyone globally. Everyone is into the K-wave and it looks like it is not going away anytime soon.

K.Will Earns Number One Spot on the Korean Billboard Top 100

Billboard wrote an article regarding about singer K.Will earning the third spot on the Korean Billboard Top 100 with his single “You Don’t Know Love.” K.Will became the fifth act to earn three or more number one spots since the billboard chart was introduced in summer of 2011. The article goes on to further explain how 31 year old female soloists IU and Lee Hi both have three and trails behind the Indie-pop boy band Busker Busker as well as girl group SISTAR with four number one spots. Congratulations K.Will!!

Jaejoong Arrives in Japan For His Concert in Yokohama

Jaejoong of JYJ went to Japan to get ready for his upcoming Yokohama concert on November 15~16. His agency said, “Jaejoong entered Japan today morning (Nov. 10) through Haneda Airport. Over 700 fans were waiting for him, even though his arrival was kept secret. He will practice for the concert this weekend, before meeting 60,000 fans at Yokohama Stadium next week.”김재중공항1[제공=씨제스엔터테인먼트]

The fans could not be more excited to see their idol giving the love back because of the increasing success of his album WWW. They continued to send him their best wishes hoping that he does well with the rest of the promotions. And seeing as Jaejoong is still doing amazingly well with his album, it is safe to say that there is definitely going to be a second time not too far from now.

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Jaejoong released his first solo studio album on October 29, immediately after which he began another round of activities. He chatted with fans around the world, receiving 1.8 messages in all, while some 200,000 Japanese accessed the chats. He also spent a week at the top of Gaon and Hanteo Charts’ weekly charts, and was a contender for the top place on Music Bank.

What's up this week with... EXO (Week of November 4-8)

EXO is growing more and more popular as they last in the music scene. Because of the EMA's, they are going up against One Direction (known as one of the biggest boy bands in the world to date) and Justin Bieber (known as one of the biggest names in pop history as of late). EXO fans cannot be more proud of this group of guys because not only are they jam packed with talent, the boys stay humble above all else, and represent Kpop with more than just their good looks. Beliebers and Directioners aren't as thrilled, seeing as a fan war is beginning to ripple throughout the nation of fangirls and fanboys and fanzees. But the EMA's aren't until November 11, so there is still room for the race. Fans better start voting.

At the night of November 7, Xiumin and Lay from EXO, the temporary special host to replace Shin-dong, who left for Latin America for a concert, introduced Korean food in the segment ‘Real Korean’ where they tasted a popular late-night snack ‘fried Gopchang’. Xiumin and Lay from EXO drew attention by eating up Gopchang (Korean dish of grilled intestines of cattle or pork) on MBC Standard FM 'Shin-dong’s Shimshimtapa' as special hosts. Particularly, the Chinese member Lay drew laughter by saying after tasting fried Gopchang,"This is really spicy. I am not good at eating spicy food,” but never stopping eating. Xiumin, who says he always watches his weight, said, "The taste is unimaginably fantastic. Incredible!" and kept munching Gopchang, proving himself as a well-known ‘eating god’.

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Also, something exciting about EXO that happened within this week, their new reality show just dropped on MBC, and there are a lot of opinions already being thrown around about the show (mainly good ones, mind you).

Needless to say, the members have been quite busy and are steadily building making their mark in Kpop history. Let's all hope they have more success in the future and more variety show guestings since they're always a treat to watch!

SHINee To Attend MelOn Music Awards 2013

MelOn Music Awards will be featuring many performances this year on November 14 by your favorite artists.

EXO, SHINee, BEAST and Dynamic Duo have confirmed their performances during the 2013 MelOn Music Awards to be held at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Stadium next Thursday, the awards’ co-organizer LOEN Entertainment and MBC Plus Media announced on Friday.

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EXO, one of the best rising stars of this year, will turn 12 wolves which go well with their sweeping hit tunes “Wolf” and “Growl.” Borrowing a concept from fantasy romance movie “Twilight,” the performance will be like a love story that EXO members go through when meeting a newly-transferred girl in a high school.

SHINee will show their previous hit tunes through solo stages as well as splendid performances using a light, which matches well with their team’s name. While BEAST will organize their stage with a concept of ghost, derived from their latest title tune “Shadow,” Dynamic Duo will render their No. 1 hit “BAAAM” with witty performances to deliver its lyrics about a man being used by a girl.

Last week, the fifth annual music awards announced top 10 music stars of this year, namely Ailee, BEAST, Busker Busker, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, EXO, G-Dragon, IU, SISTAR and SHINee.