Saturday, 9 November 2013

[News] IU is Jealous of her Sister’s Curvy Bodies

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IU is Jealous of her Sister’s Curvy Bodies
[News] IU is Jealous of her Sister’s Curvy Bodies

While a lot of people may be envious of IU’s body, IU is actually jealous of women with curves.
On October 14’s broadcast of KBS’ Hello, IU appeared as a guest with K.Will, EXO’s Kai and Lady.

During the show, a woman appeared saying that her older sister is always bothering her by saying she’s gained weight. The woman revealed that she’s 165 centimeters and 55 kilograms and is completely satisfied with her life, but is receiving stress with her older sister constantly bickering about what she eats and how she eats it.
“I think there’s something like that exists between sisters,” said IU. “I also live with two sisters, and when they see my skinny body, they said that I don’t have anything.”

The MCs asked if her sisters then have something, and IU replied, “My sisters are on the curvy side. When asked if she’s jealous, IU answered with a laugh, “I am jealous.”

Meanwhile, when told she has grown into a mature woman, IU said, “I dyed my hair. I also gained weight and lost some.”

Photo Credit: KBS

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