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November in Korean Dramas: Rainbows, Melodies and Pretty Boys, Rom-Com is the Choice Genre?

There are two dramas that are currently airing and one that is going to air later this month. The dramas for this month are "The Golden Rainbow", "Melody of Love", and "Pretty Man."

So with this being said, here is information regarding about the dramas.

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General Information

Title: The Golden Rainbow

Genre: Family, melodrama, and romance

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: November 2 - 2014 ?

Air days/time: Saturday and Sunday 21:55 (KST)


The story is about seven orphans who were adopted and raised by a father and all grew up together as a family in a town near the ocean. All experience hardships together and have bonds that are stronger than that of blood-related siblings.

Main Casts

Uee as Kim Baek Won

Jung Il Woo as Seo Do Young

Cha Ye Ryun as Kim Chun Won (2nd child)

Lee Jae Yoon as Kim Man Won (eldest child)

General Information

Title: Melody of Love

Genre: Family and romance

Episodes: 100+

Chief Producer: Kwak Ki Won

Director: Lee Duk Gun

Screenwriter: Hong Young Hee

Broadcast network: KBS1

Broadcast period: November 4 - 2014?

Air days/time: Monday to Friday 20:25 (KST)


The plot is about people in their twenties who are still young and immature in-terms of their career or love life. This is the transition period from the adolescence to adulthood. The characters in their twenties mature as adults through emotional chaos which most of them are under the quest of finding love.

The drama will center on three families whose members learn to appreciate one another as well as finds out the true meaning of family, regret their misbehaviors, and repent for hurting other people through hardships and trials in the world where individualism is prominent.

Main Casts

Kim Da Som as Gong Deul Im
Baek Sung Hyun as Park Hyun Woo

Hwang Sun Hee as Gong Soo Im

Kim Hyung Joon as Han Tae Kyung

Kwak Hee Sung as Yoon Sang Hyun

Character Roles and Who They Fall In-Love With

Gong Deul Im who is played by Dasom is a tenacious, outgoing, and optimistic aspiring musical actress with an undying passion to pursue her dreams despite her parents ' wishes. She will have a romantic relationship with Park Hyun Woo who is a lawyer which is played by Baek Sung Hyun.

Han Tae Kyung (Kim Hyung Joon) is the leader of a drama troupe as well as musical director. He will acting as a perfectionist while being a gentle and thoughtful man outside of work. Han will work closer with Deul Im and is best friends with Hyun Woo and De Im's older sister Gong Soo Im (Hwang Sun Hee) which he will develop feelings for her.

General Information

Title: Pretty Man

Genre: Romance and comedy

Episodes: 16

Production Company: Group Eight, Pineapple Holdings

Original writing: Manhwa Pretty Boy by Chun Gye Young

Director: Lee Jae Sang, Yoon Sang Ho, Jung Jung Hwa

Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast Period: November 20 - January 9, 2014

Air days/time: Wednesday and Thursday 22:00 (KST)


The story is about Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) with a strong and impeccable appearance who has shaken up ten of the top one percent of it-girls in South Korea and he shares some tips on "how to get a girl."

So among his women, there is an ordinary girl who falls in love with him and her name is Kim Bo Tong (IU). The story gets really interesting when Bo Tong starts to do everything to win his heart which the unpredictable romance initiates.

Main Casts

Jang Geun Suk as Dok Go Ma Te

IU as Kim Bo Tong

Lee Jang Woo as Choi David

So Yoo Jin as Jaek Hee

Han Chae Young as Hong Yoo Ra

Kim Ye Won

So, which drama will you watch this month??

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