Monday, 11 November 2013

What's up this week with... EXO (Week of November 4-8)

EXO is growing more and more popular as they last in the music scene. Because of the EMA's, they are going up against One Direction (known as one of the biggest boy bands in the world to date) and Justin Bieber (known as one of the biggest names in pop history as of late). EXO fans cannot be more proud of this group of guys because not only are they jam packed with talent, the boys stay humble above all else, and represent Kpop with more than just their good looks. Beliebers and Directioners aren't as thrilled, seeing as a fan war is beginning to ripple throughout the nation of fangirls and fanboys and fanzees. But the EMA's aren't until November 11, so there is still room for the race. Fans better start voting.

At the night of November 7, Xiumin and Lay from EXO, the temporary special host to replace Shin-dong, who left for Latin America for a concert, introduced Korean food in the segment ‘Real Korean’ where they tasted a popular late-night snack ‘fried Gopchang’. Xiumin and Lay from EXO drew attention by eating up Gopchang (Korean dish of grilled intestines of cattle or pork) on MBC Standard FM 'Shin-dong’s Shimshimtapa' as special hosts. Particularly, the Chinese member Lay drew laughter by saying after tasting fried Gopchang,"This is really spicy. I am not good at eating spicy food,” but never stopping eating. Xiumin, who says he always watches his weight, said, "The taste is unimaginably fantastic. Incredible!" and kept munching Gopchang, proving himself as a well-known ‘eating god’.

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Also, something exciting about EXO that happened within this week, their new reality show just dropped on MBC, and there are a lot of opinions already being thrown around about the show (mainly good ones, mind you).

Needless to say, the members have been quite busy and are steadily building making their mark in Kpop history. Let's all hope they have more success in the future and more variety show guestings since they're always a treat to watch!

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