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M! Countdown Highlight: Shinee Stomps On K.Will as They Win #1 on the October 31, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

M! Countdown is back for another week and on this episode, Yoo Seung Woo returned with "U Who?", M.Pire with "New Born", Baek Seung Heon with "Wait a Minute", U-KISS with "She's Money", Topp Dogg made their debut with "Say It", and Park Ji Yoon with "Mr.Lee."

First place nominees for the night were K.Will and Shinee. Though it was Shinee who won this episode for their song "Everybody." Congratulations!!

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Also, since it was Halloween yesterday, some of the stars dressed up.

Happy Halloween!

Performance Recap

Nine Muses dressed for the night by wearing bunny ears as well as had a bunny tail. So the ladies were both sexy as well as cute for the night. The ladies sang "Gun" and as usual, kept the crowd entertained by them screaming. Happy Halloween ladies and great job last night as the girls are number 16 this week.

Kahi came out to sing "It's Me" and with her sexy S-line as usual, she kept the crowd entertained which the audience screamed. Kahi ranked number 19 for this week on the M Countdown chart. Great job Kahi!

Beautiful Park Ji Yoon came out singing "Mr. Lee." The crowd enjoyed her performance by screaming. Great job Park Ji Yoon as you looked gorgeous last night. Park Ji Yoon ranks number 3 this week.

"Wait a Minute" girl is what Baek Seung Hoon to the ladies in the audience. With his comeback stage performance last night, the crowd welcomed his return. Baek has great moves and the music is an awesome R&B style. Great comeback!

Shinee said "Everybody" wake up because it is Halloween. The guys brought great energy as well as charisma on-stage last night. Crowd cheered as well as screamed while fan chanting. Great job guys for doing an awesome performance as always as they rank number one this week.

Say Yes are bringing a "Virus" on-stage. With their great energy as well as charisma, the audience were entertained. Great job guys and keep on rocking as they rank 28th this week!

Everyone's favorite idol IU brought fun as well as energy on-stage last night by singing "The Red Shoes." Crowd fan chanted as well as screamed for their young artist. Great job IU as she ranked number four as well as got a short haircut for her goodbye stage performance.

AOA are you still "Confused" even on Halloween? The ladies looked fabulous as always and the crowd was entertained. Great job ladies as you looked cute with your cat ears and tail. The girls ranked number 15 this week.

M.Pire made their comeback stage performance last night with "New Born." While the crowd screamed a little, the guys did not really make an awesome return. There has to be potential on this group and probably their songs are not really this boring. Come on guys, fans are expecting more from all of you.

Yoo Seung Woo made his comeback with "U Who" which the crowd truly loved. With his great guitar and vocal skills, Yoo made a great return. Great welcome Yoo Seung and nice stage setting as well!

U-KISS are saying "She's Mine"; so do not touch her by each of the guys having a woman. U-KISS made their return last night and with their great choreography, the crowd screamed all throughout their performance. Welcome back guys! Your fans love your comeback!

Lim Chang Jung made his comeback special for "Open the Door." The song is a catchy Halloween special which brought fun on-stage. The audience screamed and truly loved his performance. Great performance Lim by setting the stage with Halloween decorations.

Topp Dogg made their debut last night by performing "Say It." This guys have so much energy as well as charisma on-stage. They are almost like Teen Top due to the energy they have since they are a young group. Crowd screamed and enjoyed their performance. Great job guys!

T-ara came out beautiful for their song "Number 9." With their techno style music, the crowd was alive by fan chanting as well as screaming. Great job T-ara has you are number seven for this week!


Nine Muses

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Park Ji Yoon

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Baek Seung Hoon

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Say Yes

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Yoo Seung Woo

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Lim Chang Jung

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Topp Dogg

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Other performances for the night were Rhythm Power, Block B, Jaurim, Jung Joon Young, and 2EYES and all kept the crowd entertained as always.

Great job to all the performers last night!!

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