Monday, 4 November 2013

IU Makes A Place In Her Schedule For 'Hidden Singer 2'

The producers of "Hidden Singer 2" could see a substantial ratings bump when K-pop solo singer IU appears on the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company television program in an episode filmed this week, and some exciting face-offs to go with it.

Yet, according to producer Jo Seung Wook, the IU booking barely happened as the chart-topping star currently such a busy schedule between her singing and acting career.

"It has been not easy for IU to decide to take part in the show, as she had a hard time rearranging her filming schedules for the Korean Broadcasting System drama 'Beautiful Man,'" Jo told the publication Korea JoonAng Daily.

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"Hidden Singer 2" is a reality show where gifted pop singers face off against their impersonators while concealed behind a screen. The audience then tries to tell whether the voice singing is the imitation or the real thing.

Jo says the "Hidden Singer 2" staff has been trying to book IU for some time. Fans of the 20-year-old singer will have to wait a bit longer.

Although the "Hidden Singer 2" episode featuring the "Modern Times" singer will be shot this week, the airdate is yet to be announced.

"We have not decided when the program is going to air," Jo said.

And apparently IU had better bring her A-game. A representative for the program told the website allkpop on Wednesday that the producers are working to secure a group of top-notch impersonators.

"We prepared talented impersonation singers for IU's appearance," the rep said. Please look forward to a new and different [kind of] episode."

Ever sinec its release on October 8, IU's "Modern Times" has continued to top the pop charts. Her single "The Red Shoes" is number three in its fourth week on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100.

However, few artists ever experience the kind of pop chart dominance IU saw last week, as five of the Billboard K-pop top 10 song were hers, including "The Red Shoes" which nabbed the number one slot.

Last month, IU explained the rationale behind naming such hits as "You & I" and "The Red Shoes" (titles that are three words in Korean as well as English) during an interview on the Seoul Broadcasting System radio show "Kim Chang Ryul's Old School."

"Three word titles are considered to be a lucky streak among my staff," the 20-year-old singer explained.

"Until now, three word titles have done well, so we thought to continue that way. When it becomes time to challenge it or venture out, I said we should go for four words, but it's not the right moment yet."

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