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Joo-won in talks to take on Fashion King (no, a different one)

I woulda thought the title Fashion King would be an association to avoid at all costs, but nope, there's a new movie in the works with that name, and Joo-won will be its hero. (Some articles tout his casting as a sure thing; a couple state that he's considering and will decide on his next project soon. Take that as you will.)

This Fashion King is not necessarily the same story depicted in the hot mess of a drama starring Yoo Ah-in that aired in 2012, but it's not entirely unrelated—both drama series and movie are based on a webtoon of the same name. It sounds like the adaptations diverge pretty significantly, though, with vastly different setups and character descriptions, so (fingers crossed) this new movie will bear little resemblance to the TV show.

The movie centers around an ordinary high school boy with a crush on a pretty girl in his class, and in order to appeal to her he decides to transform himself into a stylish hottie. Well, it's Joo-won so he's got hottie covered. And while he may be a little on the old side to play a high schooler, he really is the perfect guy to play a shy, boyish character who then turns into a style maven. Even if he weren't such a chameleon of an actor, the dorky-cool dichotomy seems like such a part of his real-life personality that it should be right up his alley.

Joo-won recently quit his role in the Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days to focus more on his his other activities, which was probably necessary given how much he has going on: Following the wrap of his drama Good Doctor, he has been hard at work on the musical Ghost, which will run from November through June, and he's also got a film awaiting release, Catch Me, co-starring Kim Ah-joong.

Fashion King will be directed by Oh Ki-hwan of The Art of Seduction and hopes to release in April 2014.

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