Tuesday, 20 August 2013

[News] Seungri's comeback is vague?

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[News] Seungri's comeback is vague?
Big Bang's Seungri released his comeback photos on Naver Music

Some of the pictures were shot vaguely that would surely make you think why they were done like that. However his eyes that look straight at yours removed the doubt and the why's.

But there's one thing definitely certain, Seungri will have his local comeback with his 2nd mini album, 'Let's talk About Love', on August 19. The album consists of seven songs with its title track, 'Gotta Talk to U'. It's a fast-tempo house genre tune, and its music video will be directed by the genius mind behind Big Bang’s “Blue”, “Bad Boy” and 'Monster', Han Sa Min.

The album also includes 'Let’s Talk About Love' featuring Big Bang’s G Dragon and Taeyang, and 'GG Be' which will feature Jennie Kim, YG Entertainment's trainee.

'If love is vague, then let's talk about it.'

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